Now more and more people choose full zirconia teeth, because PFM teeth will directly affect the teeth quality, your health as well as aesthetic effects. Generally PFM teeth,the metal crown, might be oxidized with saliva after a long-time wear, harmful to the human body. Thus more and more people tend to choose full dental zirconia material.

What is dental zirconia?

Zirconia is defined as a chemical element named zircon in nature. Medical zirconia, after cleaning processing, become white-translucent semi-finished blocks. In practice zirconia is a superb high-tech biological material. No black lines on the edge of the gums, no gingival swelling and bleeding, so that you’ll find the porcelain teeth seem be part of your own.

Aidite dental zirconia block

Why do dentists recommend you to have full zirconia teeth?

One of the top 10 health standards is to have a clean and tidy teeth. PFM has long been a fast and effective repair method, but PFM metal ions will produce adverse reactions to the human body, such as gum black, gum bleeding atrophy, etc.. Due to the presence of metal crown, its translucency, color and shape differ greatly from natural teeth. Meanwhile PFM has an unstable performance under the oral acid-base environment, so patients need to do CT nuclear magnetic resonance when the metal crown removed. Therefore, the most popular dental material now is non-metal zirconia –full ceramic series.

by Aidite Multilayer 3D dental zirconia block

Is dental zirconia safe?

Dental use of zirconium oxide shows an excellent performance in bio-safety. Over the years, a large number of experiments and clinical cases proved that zirconia is no-toxic to bone and soft tissue cells. Also no allergic reactions reported.
Patients worry about whether zirconia radioactive. No worry. in fact zirconium need to be purified, through multiple powder processing procedures. CFDA has strict standards on all ceramic materials have strict standards. Zirconia can be used as dental zirconia only when it meets the requirements of radioactive experiments. Experiments show that radioactivity of pure zirconia powder is not only less than glass ceramics, even lower than that of human bone tissue. Besides, zirconia is non-metal. It is an oxide ceramic, although it contains metal elements.

Is zirconia high in ceramic fracture rate?

Studies have shown that the incidence of zirconia fracture is not higher than the traditional porcelain restoration, even far far beyond that of glass ceramic. It’s found that zirconia porcelain mainly occurs in the porcelain interior rather than zirconia base interface. However, Aidite series of dental zirconia block are all full zirconia, which means no fused ceramic, no dyeing and no drying. So zirconia fracture rate of Aidite dental zirconia blocks is far lower than other kinds.

What are zirconia features?

1. Natural tooth like. a high degree of aesthetic effect, excellent translucency, more suitable for anterior teeth.
2. No metal odor in the mouth, no corrosion, not stimulation to the pulp nerve, excellent bio-compatibility, durable. It perfectly solved gingival blackening and black line exposure and color problems all PFM are facing.
3. No removal when medical check, very convenient for patients.

What are zirconia materials used for?

Full zirconia teeth: Beauty teeth, severe tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, deformed teeth, discoloration teeth, etc.. Crown & bridges for anterior and posterior teeth when metal or plastic allergies.
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