Milling Burs

Aidite Recommended High Performance Milling Burs

Requisite tools for milling machine——Prolong your milling burs' working life, increase the number of teeth griding.


Fit for Various Milling Machines

Aidite provides the burs for mostly milling equipments on the market, including Amann Girrbach, VHF, imes-icore, Zirkon Zahn etc.

Sturdy and Durable

Aidite milling bur using high quality and high strength alloy steel, made in different coatings according to its different series, it can work with more teeth.

Available for All Models

For Zirconia burs,PMMA burs,metal burs,glass ceramic burs,including standard, round head model, flat head model etc. Suitable for making different teeth.

Seamless Combination

These special semicircle milling burs used on dental for high efficiency milling, could be used for tooth fossa milling and fine tooth processing. Because of the milling bur has suitable length and completely flexible milling, the undercut issue can be easily solved.

Complete Molds

Suitable for polishing all kinds of molds, it can touch different positions including sulcus fossa of restorations.

High Abrasion Performance and Good Radiating

The polishing tools has long life span, can work with more teeth. High density sand with grinding efficiency, pores structure is good for heat dissipation.