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NAGY Ti-ZJ titanium alloy products, which are specially developed for milling dental implant bridges, bar and restorations, are derived from aerospace alloys. After continuous improvement, they are widely used in dental implants, accounting for 60% of medical titanium alloys.

For dental applications, S600 alloy regulates the strength of traditional GR5 titanium alloy, achieving high strength and hardness, and easy cutting. It can improve cutting speed and is not easy to stick knife, making it more suitable for cutting active supports. Personalized abutment, dental implant bridge, implant bar.


Ti:≥88.50%,5.5%≤Al≤6.5%,3.5%≤V≤4.5%,beneficial interstitial elements N, C, Fe, O sum is not greater than 0.5%,impurity elements H, Si, etc. are less than 0.05%.

Product advantages

  • The composition is uniform, and the consistency of the main elements of different batches is up to 99.5%
  • Impurities such as H, Si and other elements are all 0%
  • No cutting defects, using ultrasonic and X – ray double flaw detection
  • Microcrystalline microcrystalline ultra a class
  • High elasticity and strength comparable to CoCr alloy
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Low heat conductivity, high strength and low gravity, wear more comfortable
  • Excellent microstructure and principal component stability, and micro hardening in the cutting process to ensure high surface finish


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