–dental CAD / CAM crown bridge preferred

This series of products are specially developed microcrystalline titanium used for CAD/CAM milling dental crowns, bridges and restorations. Using aircraft grade Large bar’s unique building temperature control forging technology, the grain structure to microcrystalline, specified material strength, plasticity and wear resistance and fatigue strength are far higher than the international standard of value, improve the performance of 30%-50% than the conventional production technology products, improve wear resistance 10%, fatigue strength increased by 20%.


Ti:99.50%,beneficial interstitial elements N, C, Fe, O sum is not greater than 0.5%,impurity elements H, Si, etc. are less than 0.05%.

Product advantages

  • Medium hardness and strength to reduce the grinding work and improve the processing efficiency
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Compatible with universal titanium porcelain powder, the uniformity of material properties can guarantee the same thermal expansion of various parts of the crown
  • Impurities such as H, Si and other elements are all 0%
  • No cutting defects, using ultrasonic and X – ray double flaw detection
  • Microcrystalline microcrystalline ultra a class
  • Low heat conductivity, low density, more comfortable wear, moderate wear resistance, not easy to damage the opposite teeth


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