1. connect to the device to connect to the computer USB3.0 interface.
2. scanners are regularly calibrated once a week.
3. the surface of the calibration board is very important. Don’t touch it by hand. Otherwise, the point will be damaged and the calibration board will fail.
4. scan the direction of the upper and lower jaw should be placed correctly.
5. clean the cabin dust regularly.
Don’t add too much plasticene in the die plate , otherwise it will make a mistake in the scanning of the type scanning.

Milling center

First, the daily maintenance
1. Check before use
(1) Switch on air compressor and dust suction device , working pressure not less than 6.5bar;
(2) Self-check, boot swing normal;;
(3) Software turned on normally.
2. Observation while using
(1) Strictly comply with operating rules for typesetting and operation;
(2) Check the operation of the equipment at any time by listening, watching, etc., and find out deal with the problems promptly;
(3) Check the pressure gauge display status
3. Clean up after use.
(1) Completely clean-up working area to ensure that no dust and impurities;
(2) The machine moves to the base position and the cut off the power.
4. Weekends regular maintenance
(1) Clean up the useless data in the software in time;
(2) Regular maintenance to the spindle of the equipment, as follows:
1. Click the spindle maintenance icon in the CNC software, move the spindle to the maintenance location;
2. Use the wrench and burs in the maintenance kit to remove the chuck;
3. Use the brush in maintenance kit separately cleaning chuck and spindle, to ensure clean and dust-free;
4. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the outer surface of the chuck;
5. Use the wrench and burs in the maintenance kit to re-installed chuck, be gently;
6. In the pop-up interface, enter the number of the bur to be grabbed. The spindle picks up the bur and returns to the home position.

Second, the whole maintenance
Once every three months dust removing, lubrication and maintenance, the steps are as follows:
1. Use a hexagonal wrench to unscrew the housing fixing screws of the machine , remove the ground wire and remove the housing (note the left-hand vacuum connector when removing the housing).
2. Airsoft guns (connected air compressor) to clean the dust inside the machine, to be specially cleaned components are: controller, spindle drive, switching power supply, fans, etc ;
3. Clean rails, screws and other parts with a clean rag or tissue.
4. Lubricant to the screw nut and slider injection port with a grease gun.
5. Reinstall the housing and connect the ground wire.

Sintering furnace

First, installation environment
1. Avoid damp environment, the maximum relative humidity of 80%, no condensation.
2. Keep at room temperature between 18 ℃ ~ 25 ℃.
3. Power 220V, AC, frequency 50HZ, 16A socket, do not install the equipment and other equipment at the same power supply to prevent electronic interference, the best power supply.
4 stable workbench, no obvious tilt, vibration and bumpy.
Second, matters needing attention
1. The furnace should be placed in a dry, ventilated, dust-free room with a distance of not less than 25 cm from the wall.
2. When cleaning the furnace, please cut off the power, do not use any detergent and flammable liquid for cleaning, use a damp cloth (semi-dry) to wipe.
3. The system is equipped with exhaust fan, exhaust fan is used to control the system temperature, in order to ensure the safety of the system, do not block the furnace cover when using.
4. Do not unplug the plug from the socket unless it is confirmed that the temperature in the furnace has dropped (below 300 ° C), because once the cooling fan stops working, the product may rise in temperature and may cause the body damage.
5. Furnace using molybdenum silicon rods as heating elements, according to the physical properties of silicon molybdenum rods, brittle at room temperature, so the heating element can not be installed after the removable and moving furnace body.
6. The use of cold furnace, due to the furnace is cold, a large number of heat to absorb, so the low-temperature heating rate is not easy too fast, the temperature difference between the heating rate is not easy too much, set the heating rate should take full account of the sintered material physics Chemical properties, so as to avoid the phenomenon of spray material, pollution furnace.
7. No conductive dust around the furnace, explosive gases and corrosive gases that severely damage metals and insulating materials.