Aidite Inc. launched the “integrity, growth and success” theme dinner & reciprocal banquet for IPO in Guangzhou!

Aidite staff was ready for the venue, quietly waiting for the arrival of the guests.

  Banquet scene

    Aidite founded ten years, always committed to providing the best products for our customers in pursuit of the best service; we hope that Aidite will be accompanied by development and growth of customers; this is Aidite’s first ten years, and the first year is Aidite listed. we go ahead for the next ten years and open a new chapter, at a new starting point. Aidite, Chairman Mr. Li Hongwen gave a speech. He sincerely thanked you all for coming, and Aidite on its way for ten years. Besides, he made a brief review of Aidite, as well as the enterprise mission and the future development expounded.


CEO Mr. Li Hongwen

After a speech by Q & M Dental Group Singapore President Mr. Huang Zhenxiao, warmly congratulated  Aidite for listing, and wished Aidite in the future is getting better and better. Meanwhile, he hoped Aidite would make greater contribution.


                       President of Q & M Dental Group Singapore Mr. Huang Zhenxiao

     The gorgeous, long-awaited new product Multilayer 3D,  finally opened its mysterious veil. All expectations and questions will be at this moment for you to answer. Chairman Mr. Li Hongwen would solemnly bring you into a magical world of Multilyer 3D, with accurate data and detailed introduction.


Multilayer 3D

    In addition to advanced technology, high-quality service, Aidite was also lucky and blessed to pass all the way with the peers. We would like to join hands in creating a better future!



President Mr. Huang Zhenxiao prepared a special gift for Aidite, as well as good wishes and unwavering support.