Technical solutions

Multilayer automated teeth production system

The Aidite Automated Teeth Production System is a technical solution, which is heavily released in the 23rd Dental South China 2018, Guangzhou. The system is designed for large denture factories. The equipment uses the Aidite AV-Z5 Milling Machine which can automatically change by eight discs. With Aidite's fast and normal sintering furnace, Cameo Glaze Furnace, and Aidite's dedicated processing program for the equipment, we can achieve the purpose of making denture 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, which greatly improve the efficiency of tooth production, and save labor costs.


Milling Machine AK-Z5

The machine contains eight zirconia discs and holder, which can be automatically switched according to the program. It stores milling data for eight discs and works all night without labor cost


Cameo Glaze Furnace

Finish the work by 20 mins. Glazing and staining together, improving production efficiency.