June 9, 2017, Beijing Sino-dental 2017 opened in National Conference Center, with over 800 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries and regions.
Aidite elite team has got to the exhibition. The booth is set in new modernism style, white-and-purple color, making itself uniquely attractive among all. Three experience zone, namely products showcase, oral scanner experience zone, APD software demonstration&training, etc. Aidite will show you the cutting-edge technology, high-quality products and service.
Our staff put brochures on the shelf. Visitors can find brochures of all hot series of products here. visitors show more interest in our products so our staff have to have series of brochures replenished.

Hot seller exhibition zone

Many dentists and lab managers come by and stop to have a close look at our dental showpiece. “Awesome! Unbelievable!” They feel surprised at denture that made of our zirconia material. Even unwilling to put it down. And shot it from every angle.

Internal Scanner Experience Zone

In Cameo fast restoration system–oral scanner zone, our technicians show visitors how to use it on site. Easy to get started. Many visitors can’t wait to have a try. Some even hope the technicians do a live oral scan on them.

APD Stent Software training

To help customers further improve their dental technology, Aidite invites special guest, Xavier Duriez, French digital APD design master, to demonstrate and train our customers. The training is funny and attractive, so the master is crowded by enthusiastic visitors.
                                                              NOT OVER… …