Finally here came Mr. Kang Chienming for Aidite. Gave us a lecture about zirconia development by case report. No need to mention who is Kang Chienming. In our lecture room, there come many dentists and lab owners, waiting for this moment to meet Kang. I heard some friends called Mr. Kang “Kang Shen”, that is really a cool name. A real star in dentistry.


Spot1: don’t you think spiderman seems to tell us, “show time, my …owner Mr. Kang please”.

Look at this young man, Like a 25-year-old man. Right. Mr. Kang showed up with his spider man. The most eye-catching part, no doubt, is definitely Mr. Kang’s lively spider-man on his computer. Red, sparkling spiderman, cool, impressive.


Spot2: Full zirconia VS glass ceramics

Now, more and more labs or dentists tend to use glass ceramic and full zirconia. For glass ceramic, fast restoration is its advantage. Its aesthetic effects also won’t let you down. For example, IPS,E.MAX. However, strength of glass ceramic is up to 360mpa, far below that of zirconia 600-1100mpa. sometimes ceramic cracked may occur. It can’t be used for posterior teeth and bridge. So full zirconia is a better choice for dentists and labs.
At this moment, full zirconia emerged as expected. Full zirconia won wide popularity at home and abroad. Translucency and strength both works excellent. Especially our new hot-selling one, Multilayer 3D. visitors feel curious about what is 3D. well. 3D means 6 layers of color transition, translucency transition of 43% to 57% and strength transition of 600 to 900.


Kang said, zirconia entered domestic market since 2001, booming in 2009. High translucent zirconia turned up. The strength is high up to 1200 or 1300. And, as with the development of digital dentistry, the demand of aesthetic effect and translucency is also rising.

Spot3: Case Report & Communication

Kang stressed two key points–digital dentistry and full zirconia. One cannot go further without another. The co-work of the two can get perfect aesthetic effect. Meanwhile, communication among dentists, technicians and patients is very important in customized restoration. Different complicated cases may apply different but suitable materials.

Aidite Multilayer 3D dental zirconia block


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