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Cameo fast restoration system experience zone

To give you a direct and cozy experience, we take Cameo instant restoration system to the Booth. How to realize fast restoration within 2-3 hours, please find answers here.

Step1: internal scanner (2 mins)

Internal scanning is pretty easy for patients. 2 minutes, an accurate photo is shown on the screen.

Step2: computer design (5 mins)

When patients’teeth are scanned on computer, the design system will capture the missing part and restore its tooth shape.

Step3: milling (15 mins)

Aidite 3 shape scanner scans teeth by CAD system to make accurate, customized dental restorations. Also it has a perfect esthetic effect.

Step4: Fast sintering(90 mins)

Cameo zirconia fast sintering machine, is designed for fast restoration by Aidite independent R&D. Convenient, energy saving, 1.5 hour it only takes to have teeth sintered.

Step5:Stain & glaze(15mins)

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