Cameo Dental Scaler

Cameo dental scaler is the main tool a dentist uses to scrape tartar off the teeth of patient.


multiple cleaning function

The paste has 15 colours and is suitable for aesthetic treatment of teeth. The paste is fully combined with zirconia surface. After sintering, the surface has a high gloss feeling, which can achieve a realistic tooth effect.

clear vision, simple operation

equip with big operating panel, to make operation very simple which can be learned within 5 minutes, provide a video to instruct how to use; equip with LED light, to make operation more clearly and easily.

one dental scaler can be used by different consulting rooms

the whole machine can be used independently, portable and moveable, with separate water supplying system, internally installed power adaptor which is convenient for clinic to use one dental scaler for different consulting rooms so as to save cost.

Every parts play a role

aluminium alloy handle could be sterilized by repeat steam treatment, strong and durable, not easy to become yellow; water supplying bottle is installed externally, easy for cleaning and convenient to add liquid, backup bottle is provided.