Zirconia Full-Ceramic Material

We know the requirements of patients and doctors. We also know what lab technicians pursue. Actually the paramets in strength and transparency are not an issue any more, and we actually keep pursuing the meaning of aesthetic, looking for how to help lab technicians, doctors and patients. Then Caici series come into being after we doing a lot of technical and researching practice. Caici in parameters is the most suitable for dental office. This is a good way to match the reatorations with the zirconia. Therefore, it's enough for doctors to know what restorations they want to do.


Caici Full-ceramic teeth

Caici series researched by Aidite with a lot of efforts is a revolutionary product in dental. You'll not worry about what the mateiral parameters are any more. It's ok for full crown, implant as well as coping with porcelain!

Patients' expectation

We know that all patients hope to have a good denture experience! For full-ceramic teeth, you cna enjoy the following advantages: High strength can be good for their chewing without any crack; you needn't remove it when you do x ray inspection; Once restoration, long-life wear; No Gum black issue; non-toxic; It can totally meet your aesthetic need and bring you a healthy life!

Doctors' requirements

We know that Caici series bring doctors very good experience by choosing the material based on the restoration types. Caici is ok for restoring the full crown, covering the abutment teeth, and putting porcelain. Besides, its high strength can help to reduce the teeth preparation, which makes the operation simple.

Technicians' requirements

Caici series make technicains be easy to choose what kind of material to meet doctors' requirements. Also Caici full crown can achieve aesthetic restoration by high level technicians.

Caici Full Crown Zirconia

Caici Full Crown Zirconia changes greatly indiaphaneity during the three mateiral. It can achieve a high transparency in cisal, imitating incisal enamel. The teeth made by Caici Full Crown zirconia can help avoid the crack and keep it steady!

Caici Implant

Caici Implant Series, with good strength is good at covering unnecessary shades, especially the abutment teeth. It's seasy to be sticked into the implant uper structure. The neck is perfectly aligned to the gums or the upper gingiva, and is tightly coupled to the porcelain structure of the implant

Caici Coping Zirconia

Caici Coping Series help reduce the thinckness of percelain, so it cna reduce the risk of porcelain cracking. Thus Doctors can accept the coping form easily and reduce the porcelain crack. It can also help to cover the dark shades inside and cover the abutment teeth. It's good for porcelain after godo design!

CADCAM technology

Nowadays CADCAM has been used into the whole process for denture-making. compared to manual operation, Computer-Aid makes it more actual, more fittable, more aestehtic and more simple. Caici series full-ceramic zirconia material is the common product in CADCAM. IT's a transitional period from manual to machinary.

Perfect Shade

Caici series match Aidite 16/26 shades liquid, incisal Liquid, Stain&Galze,Brush to achieve the perfect aesthetic result.

All kinds of sizes

Saici is available for all kinds of sizes based on different milling system!

We know your concerns

Aidite can offer the tracking system for patients to guarantee the quality. Patients get Aidite quality card from doctors and login Aidite official wechat to follow the denture proceeding information!