SELECT HV ETCH is a high-concentration phosphoric acid etchant containing 35% benzalkonium chloride (BAC) for prosthetic bonding, resin repair, and pre-closure treatment. SELECT HV ETCH can handle the tooth to the utmost extent, and the needle point device is designed to avoid wear on the tooth surface.

Specially designed pin point device

SELECT HV ETCH provides an acid etching procedure for smooth, non-adhesive materials used in daily repairs. At the same time, there is no acid etching of dentin, and the bonding effect of enamel is also very significant, so it is called “ Composite technology." It is ideal to use acid etching adhesive to etch enamel or dentin sealing. Acid etching of unpolished enamel with SELECT HV ETCH can significantly improve the acid etching effect and surface bonding quality.

Contains BAC antibacterial agent                        

Studies have shown that the antibacterial effect of not containing BAC phosphoric acid etchant is much lower than that of BAC phosphoric acid etchant; the etchant without BAC has no bacteriostatic function. The phosphate CAC etchant showed the greatest effect. The bacteriostatic zone of the viscous actinomycetes was larger than the consepsis (2%, CHX), Klorhex (2%, CHX), NaOCI (3%) and the bacteriostatic zone of H2O2.

Z-PRIME plus Treatment agent

        Z-PRIME plus treatment agent is the only treatment agent that can simultaneously treat zirconia, alumina, metal, etc. It is used to increase the chemical bond between zirconia and repair resin, and ensure the bonding effect of zirconia. It is a new generation oxidation. Zirconium treatment agent

High bonding strength

It is a resin cement that enhances the adhesion between the indirect repair material and the composite resin. Significantly enhanced bond strength compared to other resin cements

Wide range of indications

It is a chemical bond that has been proven to be used for zirconia bonding. It can also be used for surface treatment of zirconia and alumina, metal oxides, alloys, composites, etc.

Good compatibility

Compatible with light-cured or double-cured resin adhesives; easy to use, single-package


        ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL The adhesive is a photocurable one-component dental adhesive that combines acid etching, treating agent and bonding resin. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL Adhesive is an ethanol/water based dental adhesive that bonds teeth Essence as well as polished and unpolished enamel

New era of zirconia bonding

1. Provide self-etching, total acid etching, and selective acid etching.
2. Compatible with self-curing, dual-cure, photocurable resin materials for all direct bonding and indirect bonding.
3. For indirect repair, only one bottle can be processed

Indications widely

1. All direct restorations (such as resin-based composite materials, resin-modified glass ionomers, post-core forming materials, etc.)
2. All profiles of restorations (metal, glass ceramic, zirconia, alumina, etc.)
3. Detoxification/closure of the tooth
4. Repair of oral prosthesis

DUO-LINK Resin cement

        DUO-LINK Resin cement is a dual-cure, X-ray developed, high-filled composite resin cement, especially for all-ceramic/porcelain, metal or composite resin restorations, and fiber post and metal piles. Can be used with self-etching or full-etching adhesives

Make the prosthesis more durable

A very thin coating thickness ensures the placement of the prostheses, and a very high conversion rate and stability ensure the durability of the prostheses.

Double syringe            

Automatic mixing double syringes ensure perfect mixing, easy placement and avoiding waste