Sometimes it takes only a few seconds to remove a tooth, while t saves a tooth and takes months of effort. As the most important organ in the oral cavity, the tooth carries the function of lEl chewing and grinding food, and it carries the function of providing the first pass for digestion and absorption of the tube substance in the food. We often say that the teeth, good appetite, eat good incense. • before the other functions of the teeth: pronunciation and beauty, everything else is zero if the mastication is lost. Damaged skin can be long, broken bones, 3 months or so can heal, and our teeth, whether because of four high teeth have holes, trauma, broken, tooth wear, etc., are non renewable.

It is the duty of each of our dental practitioners to keep every tooth as much as possible.
Case history summary
(first visit)
Chief complaint: how a consultation, the patient wants to consult how a problem to her mask off, I was
See that she is a middle-aged woman about more than 50 years old, slightly thinner, 1/3 depressions under the surface, the mouth wrinkles obvious, speech is not clear, the conversation between the faint can only see the mouth of a lateral incisor porcelain dentures.


Dr. Li Qiang
He graduated from stomatology School of Wuhan University and member of Chinese Stomatological Association.
He studied and studied in Peking University Stomatological Hospital.
Won the “Aidite Cup” all ceramic repair essay contest, the best popular award and two prize.
“SANl S3 treatment road” national essay contest three prize.
Clinical experience over the past 20 years is good at: Porcelain aesthetic restoration and failed case restoration, minimally invasive aesthetic restoration, complete occlusion reconstruction, and difficult endodontic treatment, retreatment.