3D Multilayer

esthetics zirconia restoration material

We have always had the beautiful dream. With our effort, we can provide a material that can simulate the natural teeth in each grain, each layer, each gloss, each texture, so that no one will identify its existence, including itself. It shines through the smile. WIth 3D Multilayer, this dream comes true, little by little.


life-like esthetic effect

natural looking


Multilayer, colorful beauty

3D Multilayer zirconia use shade gradiation technology to blend 6 different shades into one puck according to natural teeth layering effect. After milling, the crowns are dark in the cervical part, like natural teeth shade gradiation, so as to cover he abutment tooth, and avoid shade transmittance beneath.

Multilayer, pure shade

We use precise shade blending technology to make the shade accuracy to 0.0001. 3D Multilayer shade is quite close to international shade guide. The shade is more accurate, so technician is easy, doctors are relieved, and patients are happy. We keep developing life-like shading program to be more accurate.

3D, esthetics extremist

With Aidite unique production technique, the incisal transparency of 3D Multilayer reaches stunning effect, shinning through like glass ceramic or layered zirconia, naturally blending with adjacent teeth, not like dulling shade of PFM.

3D, esthetics space

We know that in clinical practice, you will need a material that can cover the base tooth or implant abutment. But several restorations combined together poses a great chalenge to technicals and doctors. So, we make the cervical part transparency at a low level, so that you can have opacity at the cervical and transparency at the incisal in such a wonder esthetic material 3D Multilayer.

all ceramic, more than hardness

Ceramic is soft and long existing. 3D Multilayer has the features of traditional ceramics. 900 mpa bending strength can garantee its toughness to make 0.3mm restoration thickness. It can be made to anterior veneer or posterior bridge, widening the esthetics restoration to full-mouth cases.

all-ceramic, hard and resilient

Ceramics is resilient compared with rock. 3D Multilayer has incisal strength to 600mpa, reducing the wearing of opposing natural teeth. It has self-healing feature to reduce the invisible crack, which makes 3D Multilayer a long-wearing amterial.

3D Multilayer, technology motivated

3D Multilayer is gradient in shade, transparency and hardness in 6 layers. This dimensional material is made possible with Aidite years of research and development hardwork. Aidite is dedicated to explore the possibility of zirconia material persistently.

wide indications, just use one for all

On the prosthese restoration, there is not such material like 3D Multilayer that can such wide range of applications. With its 3 gradiations, it can have the anterior esthetics look, same as natural teeth while it can be strong to make bridge for both anterior and posterior restorations. All-in-one is what 3D Multilayer is when you donot know what material you should choose.

provide an umbrella for teeth

3D Multilayer soft incisal is like a umbrella that protects the opposing natural teeth from wearing of hard material. With Aidite polishers, you can reduce the wearing to natural teeth down to 10%, keeping the healthy teeth in tact.

to be simple, not simple

3D Multilayer saves the traditional coloring process, reducing half of the work time. For molars, we suggest to just polish and donot glaze. You will also achieve very esthetic effect. We ask to reduce one process not to make it simple, but out of our confidency in 3D Multilayer zirconia's shade and feature.

3 gradiation, 3 simplications

3D Multilayer streamlines the choosing process. One material for all restorations, no need of coloring. The shade accuracy is close to the shade guide, simplifying the staining and glazing process. For posterior teeth, no need to glaze, just polish.

pure raw material, transparent texture

3D Multilayer uses the most pure raw material, nano-grade zirconia powder. The toxic content is 0 and the purity is more than 99.99.%. No matter how long the patients have the crowns and how unstable the conditions could be, the patients wont have to worry the crowns will drop off or crack. The nano-grade zirconia has reached the limit of light transmittance, it creates the pearly transparency on the incisal.

applied for all kinds of digital systems

To achieve All-in-one effect, we have developed different molds to make different sizes for different machines including disc, D-shape, block ect, so that more patients can use 3D multilayer zirconia.

excellent technique solution

Based on 3D multilayer excellent feature, we provide Cameo chair-side instant restoration system, taking advantage of streamlined workflow of 3D multilayer. With Aidite chair-sde instant full-system support, patients can enjoy 3-hour treatment experience.

we know your concerns

Aidite can offer the tracking system for patients. Patients can get the quality card from doctors and login Aidite wechat to check the restoration proceeding information. Take your heart in your mind!

Safe shipping

sf-express is the only shipping partner of Aidite to guarantee the material safe. Please call Aidite if there's any broken on the box outside.