Aidite Milling center AM-X5i

The design by Aidit AM-X5i dual-mode milling center, the same equipment for dry and wet two modes of operation; synchronization of 5 axis milling and grinding technology, applicable to all.

design concept into the future, the future with the new range and materials (such as model, complete denture, templates etc.);

every material has the best corresponding processing mode (for example: two zirconia using dry milling, plastic materials used in wet milling)

Product Introduction

Exquisite design (small installation space, suitable for processing all types of materials); collocation can frame different, with the module upgrading materials (such as glass ceramics processing); the new development of the “speed” turning program, can shorten the grinding time to enhance the maximum productivity; a tool holder with automatic tool change function.
Low maintenance, high precision and extremely strong J by ger spindle; efficient cooling system, either in dry or wet operation, can effectively remove dust and cooling device is equipped with automatic tool; tool inspection and loss detection and automatic correction tool, is the ideal equipment for the hospital or clinic affiliated denture processing Institute (grinding inlays, onlays, etc.) can also be used in conjunction with other open CAD/CAM system (such as: 3Shape, Dental Wings).


A tool measuring device
Tool length and loss can be detected and the tool can be automatically adjusted
The material rack
It can be easily replaced according to material or applicable condition
The 6 tool position
Automatic tool replacement
The speed increase
Highly optimized milling and grinding procedures to shorten processing time
Jäger® high frequency spindle
Extremely strong, accurate, reliable
The dust cover
Increase dust suction, effectively reduce water sprayearance.

Product parameter

unit value
Size(Long X width, X height) mm 595*530*780
Net weight 78-82
Voltage V/Hz 100-230/50-60
Power W 750
Fuse (delay) A 3.15/6.3
Axle 4-5
Accuracy μm <10
Allowable temperature range (operation) 18-30
Spindle torque Ncm 9.2
Spindle speed rpm 100000
Chuck diameter mm 3
Sound pressure level dB(A) 60
Interface  USB/ Ethernet / SD card socket / supply unit control / dust control
Maximum pump flow l/min 3.8
Compressed air connections dry, clean compressed air
Pressure bar 6
Flow l/min 50
Solid contaminants  Level 3; solid size less than 5 μm
Water content  Level 4; the maximum pressure is dew point +3  ℃
Total oil content Level2; maximum oil content 0.1 mg/m3
Vacuum cleaner  M applies to zirconia dust particles, HEPA filters (97.97%), filter grades H12, dust class M
Dust suction connector size mm 38
Vacuuming capacity m3/h 240

Notice of use

1) normal cleaning
Cleaning can extend the service life of the individual components, to prevent its failure. Therefore, clean the machine to use the vacuum cleaner regularly is necessary. To ensure that in the process of no dust into the machine parts. From dry processing to convert the wet processing process, the machine needs to be completely clean. If the dust is mixed into dry grinding the cooling liquid, the machine will become very dirty. It is recommended to wipe the cleaning machine in one direction.
2) fixture
To change a new disc before worship must put on the dust fixture with special brush all cleaned out to ensure the clamping fixture can best piece of zirconium. Keep the screws and threads clean.
3) tool measurement and tool bank
In order to ensure that the machine tool can work without fault, the cleaning of the tool magazine and tool measuring instrument is equally important.
Knife library damaged and other problems must be replaced in time, you need to contact agents.
4) internal guide sliding door
Slide rail should be cleaned at least once a day
5) spindle
The oil position shall not be sprayed, and the liquid and gas shall be directed directly to the axis of the spindle to prevent liquid or dust from entering the spindle
The nose of the spindle with the needle must be clean to avoid the main shaft in the course of movement to withstand particularly large resistance, affecting its movement.
6) chuck
Special spindle maintenance kits must be used for maintenance chucks
Chuck must be at least once a week to clean, to avoid the breakage rate of needle, reduce a risk. But need to pay attention to whether there is damage to the chuck.
7) the direction of the jet and jet
In order to achieve the best effect of jet, the jet tip position must be at the car needle. The ejector rod (2) inserted in the jet pipe moving jet tube to adjust its correct direction for injecting a gas into the car and then remove the needle top ejector rod coolant injection tube way of regulating the same.
8) guide rail and moving axle
The guide rail and the moving shaft need not be maintained basically. He has a long lubrication device inside. If necessary, please invite the aidite after sales personnel to help you maintain it
9) measurement of calibration blocks
In order to measure the accuracy of the machine, you should have a car every month a small calibration fast. And then send the data to the customer service engineer Aidit evaluated. If you need to adjust, we will adjust to your machine.