dental titanium


First Choice for Crown & Bridge

is specially developed for carving dental implant bridge Microcrystalline titanium

GR2titanium alloy

Ti:99.5%;impurity elementsH、Sietc. are less than0.05%

double-detection of ultrasonic and X-ray


High compatibility

Compatible with common titanium porcelain powder, the homogeneity of the material properties can guarantee the controllability and consistent thermal expansion of each part

More reliable

Damage tolerance design, more reliable abutment and framework, higher fatigue life,fit for implant

Aidite NAGY TI-ZJ titanium

NAGY Ti-ZJ titanium series products, is specially developed for carving dental implant bridge and bar, the alloy derived from aerospace alloys, after continuous improvement is now widely used in orthopedic implants Field, accounting for 60% of the amount of medical titanium alloy

Designed for removable partial denture

For dental applications, the NAGY Ti-ZJ Titanium Series alloys combine the strength of traditional GR5 titanium alloys in order to get high strength and hardness, ease of cutting, increased cutting speed, and less sticking to the cutting tool, making it more suitable for cutting partial denture, custom abutment, planting bridge and bar