Cameo Pocket Laser

The CAMEO Pocket Laser is a state of the art diode laser. It can cuts, dissolves and treats for soft tissues and teeth whitens. It is a must-have for most dental clinics. It provides advanced treatment services for patients. The Cameo pocket laser has more than 70 preset handlers and built-in batteries, as well as a wireless foot switch and 3 soft fibers. But the operation is very simple, the operation is very convenient, and it can be easily used after a short period of study.


Just one instrument

Widely used in soft tissue surgery, disinfection, pain relief and tooth whitening

Advanced instrument

It is an essential tool for advanced dental clinics in Europe and the United States. It represents the highest dental treatment technology and enhances the reputation of the clinic

Operation is very simple

With high-definition touch screen, preset more than 70 programs, laser power can be freely adjusted from 1 watt to 6 watts, 0.1 watt per step

Less harm to the patient

Very fine laser beam reduces damage to surrounding tissue, patients heal faster, and blood does not bleed during surgery, doctors have good vision

Pocket size

Limited size with super power, touch screen and maximum hygiene control, and a wider range of programs and accessories