digital impression

Cameo oral scanner

Cameo oral scanner is a product which cooperate with Denmark 3shape, it's the most advanced and best scanning oral scanner. Utilizing the experience of Aidite company at the forefront of the market, the OEM products specially optimized are the best helper for you to use the chairside system.


Easily scan

The impression is captured in real time as the scanner moves easily along the teeth. The dentist and dental assistant can easily scan

Precisely from the mold

Digital impression solutions provide accurate impressions from the start, solving many follow-up problems and improving patient experience.

Color measurement

Color Portable automatically measures the color of your teeth as you scan. The dentist can choose to evaluate and highlight the relevant area for the mechanic. Then send the complete color information to the mechanic along with the impression.

Automatic soft tissue removal

Automatically detects unwanted objects such as tongue, cheeks, lips, and removes such objects in real time from digital impressions.

Get instant case images

Take high-resolution photos while scanning for case recording and communication with patients. HD photos are automatically packaged and sent with digital impressions.

Excellent mobility

Use the Pod with a laptop or computer in the treatment room; just connect to the USB port and start scanning. Lightweight and convenient Pod solution is easy to share between treatment rooms or different locations