Aidite glazing furnace

In recent years, the application of the chair in the consulting room for stomatology of the continuous development of technology, through the cooperation of dentists and technicians to repair the body rapidly and accurately with high quality, high appearance for each patient has become the pursuit of Aidit dentists and technicians glazing oven can ensure users more accurate and convenient to adjust the restorations, to meet the different needs of you the dentist and technician, not only improve the quality of clinical repair, and optimize work flow, makes the operation more intuitive.

Product Introduction


length width height weight
18cm 15cm 22cm 3.6kg



Upper part Furnace gate Furnace body hearth
Lower part Display plant Program control knob base



  • body compact and lightweight, space saving, easy to carry out
  • easy to operate, convenient for doctors and technicians
  • meet the needs of immediate repair beside the chair
  • can be used in different rooms
  • smooth and easy work flow to improve the quality of work


  • do not open the furnace door during the sintering process;
  • can use the highest temperature of 1100 degrees centigrade;
  • do not touch the stove in the course of sintering, so as not to burn;
  • when the stove is not in use, please turn off the furnace door, then the furnace will be programmed by default to the temperature of 500 degrees centigrade;
  • turn off the power when the stove is not in use。

5.Operation instructions 

1) one end of the power line is inserted into the back of the enameling furnace, and the other end is inserted into the power supply of the city. Press the switch on the back of the glaze oven, when the program starts.

2) opened the door, the sintering plate is fixed on a clamping device.

3) remove the dyed teeth carefully with tweezers on the sintering tray and close the furnace door.

4) when the program on the screen is stable, press the middle gray part of the lower right corner of the furnace, and the screen displays the “RUN” program to start running.

5) if you want to change the program, then press the knob grey part, then rotate the knob clockwise to increase counterclockwise to reduce, after finishing the adjustment according to the grey numerical part is the next step in the preservation of the curve, to methods according to previous settings, after the program after the screen display “SAVE”. That program successfully changed.

6) do not open the furnace door in the process of sintering, so as to avoid the unsatisfactory sintering effect and cause the furnace to suffer loss.

7) at the end of the program shows that the temperature is 500 degrees, when the door should be slightly open, let the air into, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

8) in the process of cooling, the door can be opened gradually, and can be removed after the cooling of the repaired body.

9) after the glaze is finished, turn off the furnace door and the power supply.