Stain & Glaze set

customized Stain & Glaze set for denture

Stain & Glaze set contains A, B, C, D four main shades, 11 special effect shades, transparent glaze and diluent. Each bottle of paste contains glaze ingredient, no need to glaze additionally


lifelike effect

Stain & Glaze set contains 15 colours, suitable for tooth aesthetic treatment; glaze paste completely bonds with zirconia surface, after sintering, high gloss will appeared on the surface and lifelike effect will be achieved


Natural transition

high light transmittance. after sintering, tooth surface becomes glossy and clear, no gray or darken colour appears

Strong adhesive force

The glaze paste is not easy to lump, after sintering, it completely attaches on the denture surface and will not drop

Simple operation

In order to make full crown achieve good colour effect, each paste color could be randomly mixed with other ones and could be used directly after mix evenly, even the beginners can learn how to use it in a very short time.

toxic-free and harmless

using toxic-free and harmless formula to ensure high security

product parameter

range of application: zirconia full crown, zirconia coping, glass ceramic, ingot and porcelain