Galilean binocular magnifier

TTL Galileo binocular magnifier is the best choice for individual users,ingenious ergonomic design,allows the user to work comfortably while maintaining the ergonomic positioning and optimal posture of the neck.
Ultra-light weight, the magnifying lens passes through the lens.
- Ergonomic, easy to use, customizable preset tilt。
- Large mirror closer to the eye for a wider field of view
- Personalized, more suitable for people with glasses.


Flip Galilean binocular magnifier

The flip-up Galileo magnifying glass is a lightweight, high-performance Galilean magnifying glass that is hinged to the front of the lens.
- Easy to adjust, it can be easily flipped when not in use.
- Practical,available to multiple operators;
- Varieties of style frames are available to meet custom needs.

Prism binocular magnifier

TTLThe prism-type binocular magnifier has a magnification of 4.0,the prism optics provide high-definition images with sharp edges and accurate color, which is ideal for complex work processes.
- High quality production, high quality materials。
- Anti-reflective coating for a clearer image.
- High resolution optical systems provide extremely high visual accuracy.