Cameo zirconia fast sintering furnace

Cameo zirconia fast sintering furnace is a furnace special designed for fast solution.


Average sintering time comparison

Energy saving and environmental protection

High-tech materials, using the most advanced refractory mullite fiber as the lining and insulation material, the energy consumption is only 50% of the traditional sintering furnace

Elegant design,a smart choice for dental labs and clinics

Compared with the traditional sintering furnace, it is light in weight, small in size and exquisite in appearance. The new optimized arrangement of the electrical components in the furnace makes us reduce the size and weight of the sintering furnace while greatly increasing the heating rate of the sintering furnace.

Aidite Sintering Furnace

The Airdite furnace furnace is made of high-purity alumina lightweight fiber material. The control interface uses a large-size touch screen, and the temperature control accuracy is maintained at ±3 °C. It can be applied to the sintering of all types of zirconia, always guaranteeing the quality of sintering.

Wide applicability

Touch screen control system makes device control easier, faster and more user-friendly

Precise Temperature Control

The furnace has a circular structure, and the heating elements are evenly distributed on the circumference, so that the temperature field is more reasonable and uniform. The product structure is scientific and reasonable, and it is the mainstream equipment used in the field of zirconia sintering.

Safe And Reassuring

The furnace body is loaded with an automatic lifting structure, which is beneficial to safely picking and placing the sintered pattern, especially for the high temperature sinter sintering of the zirconia denture crown, with good consistency and high permeability.

Cameo Glazing Furnace

Cameo glazing furnace is specially designed for the chairside system. It is small and beautiful, can be used for both zirconia and glass ceramic.

High Standard Quality

The equipment is made of American originals to ensure long-term service life.

Accurate Temperature Control

digital display screen can display ±1℃ temperature control, use rotary knob to operate, very easily used.