Let’s see what these netizens said.
Dr. **: mostly because they are young. Not fat, looks good with medical mask. Always several girls come to check teeth then. But now…even a mask cann’t cover my fat face.
Zhang **: Yes, because now their tutors care more about your appearance. They dislike non-handsome students.
Xu **: Yes, to make patients more comfortable, we will try whatever we can do. If you come to Stomatological hospital of Peking University, you will find not only intern dentists, but their tutors are all good-looking.
Miao **: Woooo! As a not-pretty woman dentist, never had a patient told that to me! Have to be beautiful even being a doctor—unhappy now!
Bao ****: After the mask removed you’ll know … what happened in a fairy tale is just a lie.
Ba***:  Guys in our class are all exceptions?…..or i am blind???
Now who feels more attractive?
Now who feels more attractive?