Aidite Fast Sintering furnace

Aidite fast sintering furnace is a tailor-made for the immediate restoration . In our design, we focus on the immediate restoration of the dental system and completely optimize the layout of all the electrical components in the sintering furnace in a completely new design concept.

Product Introduction

We consider the weaknesses of zirconia material for dental , the sintering temperature of the furnace and the distribution of zirconia and sintering furnace heating components with the situation. The elements in the sintering furnace have been completely arranged.

We adopted a very efficient heating mode, high quality insulation materials, and a series of changes in the circuit control. The sintering furnace can not only exceed the temperature rise limit of the common sintering furnace, but also can cool down at a very fast speed so as to ensure rapid sintering.

We optimized the new arrangement of electrical components in the furnace, allows us to greatly improve the sintering furnace heating rate under the condition of reduced size, so that the quality of sintering furnace, sintering furnace is more portable.

Finally, after years of testing, we finally identified an expensive but poorly contaminated silicon molybdenum rod as our core heating element. The purpose is to reduce the pollution of zirconia as much as possible during sintering.


Furnace and silicon molybdenum rod furnace are the best in the market!!!!!!!

1, Rapid sintering process, compared to the traditional sintering methods to save 87.5% of the time, to meet the chairside immediate restoration needs.

2, High-tech content, the use of the most advanced refractory mullite fiber as lining and insulation materials.
3, Significant energy saving effect, the energy consumption is only 50% of the traditional sintering furnace.
4, Excellent sintering effect, shorten the time, no effect on the sintering effect.
5, Easy use, compared to the old sintering furnace, light quality, small size, exquisite appearance.

Comparison of average sintering time (taking single crown as an example)

Product parameter

Size(Long X width, X height) 580×330×700 mm
Hearth size Φ90mm×height100mm
Net weight 50kg
Voltage 220V(50 Hz)
Rated power 2.5kW
Temperature range Room temperature-1600℃
Temperature rise rate ≤120℃/min
Accuracy ≤±1℃
Average sintering time (taking single crown as an example) 90min
Indication Single crown  Bridge (up to six), veneer, inlay, onlay, partial crown (Long bridge undetermined testing)

Notice of use

1. After sintering, please remove the restoration together with the sintering platform. Remember not to put the restoration directly on the table, in case the temperature is too low to cause the fracture or surface crack of the restoration.
2, the furnace temperature is higher than 300 degrees, do not put the display in the furnace interior.
3, refueling, don’t let the lifting platform exposure at room temperature for too long. (the furnace can not quench, quench, or heat) so as to prolong the service life of the furnace
4, shovel use, need to use cloth and other non thermal tools to hold the handle. (scald your hands in case of too high temperature)