Surprise 1

Quick Restoration by Cameo Chairside System

Experience instant repair in person
How to realize fast repair , find the answer at Aidite booth A36

Quick Restoration by Cameo Chairside System
Intra-oral scanning (5mins):
Intra-oral scanning process is a very comfortable experience for patients
HD scanning pictures instantly shown on the screen,
Easy and quick to realize high-precision results

You can experience and learn oral scanning, design and operation.

Surprise 2

Aidite Multilayer 3D dental zirconia block
Aidite Multilayer 3D dental zirconia blocks, newly launched in 2017
Three gradients of Color, translucency and strength perfectly satisfy real needs of patients.
In particular, Dental case show by Multilayer 3D for you in the Exhibition.

What is 3D?

Color gradient
6 layers of natural color transition, matching color gradient of natural tooth from cervical to incisal.
Translucency gradient
From 57% translucency in incisal to 43% in cervical, it shows gradient decrease, achieving life-like transparency of natural tooth enamel while in the mean time low transparency in cervical have effective opaque!
Strength gradient
Strength shows gradient from 600Mpa to 900Mpa, achieving low strength in occlusion and causing no harm to opposing dentin. High strength in base part realize long bridge restoration!

Surprise 3

“Big 3” Show time

1. Rebirth Digital Implanting Solution— digital implant guide

2. APD Framework Digital Solution— APD Framework

3. Bonding Kit for Zirconia

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