Colour liquid

Aidite colour liquid specially used for dental zirconia

Depending on how to use, it divides into Dipping Colour Liquid (16 shades/ 26 shades) and Brushing Colour Liquid (special indicator for colour liquid/ incisal transparent liquid/ special colour lilquid/ 16 shades visible colour liuqid)According to different colour and transparency, it divides into ST 17 shades super transparent colour liquid, SHT 26 shades super transparent colour liquid


in a very short dipping time, you will get perfect colour effect

in only one minute dipping, you will get a zirconia with international standard colour.


Accurate colour

Finished denture sintered according to standard operation, the colour of which very closes to international standard colour. If 26 shades colour liquid are used, the colour will become more accurate which will achieve advanced international standard.

toxic-free and harmless

using toxic-free and harmless formula to ensure high security

Super transparent colour liquid

enhance denture transparency, get a higher esthetic effect

How to use colour liquid

in only one minute dipping, softly use absorbent paper towel to get restoration dry, please don't absorb vehemently, then make it dry in the air, long bridge needs to be dried under infrared lamp