white/preshaded zirconia full ceramic material

Zirconia full-ceramics material with high strength and high transparency is produced by advanced raw material with special technology, which makes zirconia be widely used for different restorations and offer technicians more space to achieve what they want.


draw some colors

superfectzir zirconia, matching Aidite 16 shades liquid, only need dipping for 60s to achieve all 16 shades from A1 to D4. Whatsmore, the shades are totally exact same as the international standard. It helps clients especially small labs reduce stock.


For ST and SHT zirconia, Aidite can also offfer preshaded with 16 shades. Factory mix raw mateiral with shade powder uniformly, thus you can get the same shade wherever you mill in one puck. For preshaded zirconia, labs don't need to dip and dry teeth and save a lot of labor cost!

SUper High Translucent

SHT series zirconia can reach to 49% in translucency to meet the requirements of anterial aesthetic restoration. Besides the incisal liquid can help to achieve the enamel translucency, which is really a good choice for full contour restoration!

Good for cover bad shades

HT series with low translucency is good for covering some bad shades in cases. If abutment teeth are dark or there's an omplant in a case, HT or ST are good choices. You can use incisal liquid to achieve the beautiful incisal effect!

Super High Strength

superfectzir HT and SHT series are tested by three-point bending and both are with more than 900Mpa. All restorations including full mouth bridge are ok for them. Let's say Byebye to crack happend in bridges!

International Certification

superfectzir series zirconia have the certificates as below: CFDA, FDA, CE, KFDA, PMDA; ISO13485 is also available in Aidite!

different sizes

superfectzir are available for all different sizea, like 100mm, 95mm, for different milling system! We even can customize the size you want!

excellent technique solution

Based on 3D multilayer excellent feature, we provide Cameo chair-side instant restoration system, taking advantage of streamlined workflow of 3D multilayer. With Aidite chair-sde instant full-system support, patients can enjoy 3-hour treatment experience.

we know your concerns

Aidite can offer the tracking system for patients. Patients can get the quality card from doctors and login Aidite wechat to check the restoration proceeding information. Take your heart in your mind!

Safe shipping

sf-express is the only shipping partner of Aidite to guarantee the material safe. Please call Aidite if there's any broken on the box outside.