Technical solutions

Cameo Chairside Instant Restorative System

A new era of zirconia restoration in the field of zirconia, achieves the aesthetic effect and rapid repair comparable to the instant repair of glass ceramics, but also retains all the advantages of multilayer zirconia, featuring high strength with wide range of indications, multilayer gradient achieving new aesthetic peak


Cameo 3D Zirconia Instant Restorative Material

Based on Aidite's Multilayer 3D, it optimizes the fast sintering characteristics and no matter how it is sintered, final result looks beautiful. No longer use the disc, but instead use the small block with mandrel as the specification, which is suitable for clinical processing by retaining the bending strength of 650mpa, the color and transparency features three layers of gradient, the aesthetic effect is excellent.

Cameo Intraoral Scanner

With the Danish 3shape mature intraoral scanning program, the accuracy and convenience are reassuring. We collaborate with 3shape to provide Chinese dental habits and optimized scanning software The intraoral scan data can be directly used to design, and the design software is complete. It can provide 3 shape or exocad design tools.

Cameo N4 milling machine, Cameo AV-D5 milling machine

The Cameo chairside system offers two types of processing solutions to meet the needs of different clinics

Zirconia milling solutions, adopting avd5 dry zirconia milling machine

Only slightly larger than the size of the Cameo n4, the weight is less than 100 kg, it can be placed on any workbench . enclosed milling chamber, no dust pollution, only need 0.6mpa gas source to work stably, German mechanical quality, reliable and stable, easy-to-use operation software

Glass ceramics instant restorative solutions,adopting Cameo N4 wet milling machine

White appearance, small size, convenient for clinic layout Cutting glass ceramics with stable performance, integrated coolant system, reducing the probability of failure Place three glass ceramic blocks at a time, each glass ceramic can accommodate up to three-unit bridge

Cameo fast sintering furnace

Zirconia sintering takes only 2 hours, telescopic touch screen, 2-button operation, environmentally friendly insulation materials, energy saving, white appearance, matching clinic image

Cameo Glaze Furnace

Extremely small, table operation.
It can glaze zirconia or crystallize glass ceramics.
Knob operation is simple and easy to use.