The consideration of dental aesthetics in modern dental treatment has profoundly influenced the design and selection of treatment options for dental treatment. Patient awareness and expectations of tooth aesthetics have far exceeded that of the past. International oral beauty dental industry has reached a consensus in the treatment of dental aesthetics, and gradually from white to red, developed to the periodontal aesthetics treatment, crown extension surgery ranked among them.
Crown lengthening surgery (crown lengthening surgery) is through the surgical method to reduce the location of the gingival margin, exposure to healthy dental structure, lengthen the clinical crown, so as to facilitate the health of the periodontal, tooth repair, to solve the problem of beauty!

Preoperative visual inspection, anterior teeth with bridge repair, 13,23 residues, 14,24 missing

Preoperative intraoral frontal view

Preoperative DSD Aesthetic Analysis

Determine the length and width ratio of the ideal crown

Simulated postoperative aesthetic effect

Simulated postoperative aesthetic effect

Preoperative removal of porcelain crowns

The condition of the exposed abutment after removal of the crown

Preoperative design and production of diagnostic wax type

After the removal of the crown, the production of temporary teeth

According to the diagnosis of wax type production crown extended surgical guide plate

Preoperative and crown scale analysis of crown length and width ratio

The amount of resection of gingiva was established and the final bone mass was determined

Preoperative exploration of alveolar crest position

Mouth try to wear surgical guide, mouth in place good

After removing the crown, explore the thickness of the gums

According to the crown extension of the surgical guide plate attached to the gingival fixation

Postoperative gingival dressing to ensure that the gingival margin of continuous and
symmetrical morphology, and adjacent teeth in harmony

After repairing the gingival margin morphology, the use of gingival sulcus incision,
full thickness of the flap, retaining the gingival papillae

Use the crown extension scale to determine the bone mass

Surgery to remove bone

Fixation of gingival papilla with single line interrupted suture

After completion, make temporary restoration to ensure the design on the gum and completely
remove the temporary adhesive after bonding

Temporary prostheses were made once a week later

The surface of the prosthesis is highly polished and the shoulder is clear,
requiring the patients to clean themselves, avoiding plaque accumulation
and affecting the prognosis

After 2 months, the soft tissue healed well and stabilized again,
and DSD aesthetics was designed

Complete the simulation effect

Complete the simulation effect

Tooth preparation, abutment placement in subgingival 0.3mm,
avoids disruption of biological width. Contrasting colors

The use of articulator for the transfer of maxillofacial relationship

Making permanent restoration

Treatment of teeth, remove the temporary restoration, gum health

Prior to bonding, the zirconia all-ceramic restoration body crown was chemically treated

Complete the immediate, oral, positive, and smiling photos of the mouth

Compare photos

Dr. Lu Hao Xin
Dr. Dental Company Chain Agency Park
EZ Aesthetic Team Lecturer
EZ Aesthetic Certification DSD MASTER FOR Reconstruction Association,
ITI members.
Nobel lecturer in China.
Straumann Young Lecturer.
German Icx Signs Lecturer.
2010 began to carry out planting, good at instant planting, anterior prosthetical cultivation and repair, no teeth to repair the reconstruction, occlusal reconstruction.
2015 annual planting annual meeting and Jiangsu Province planting annual meeting to speak on behalf of the exchange of planting cases.
2016 BITC Nanjing Division Winner
2016 Chinese private oral aesthetics case contest winning prize.