Aidite sintering furnace

Aidite  high temperature furnace adopts the international advanced manufacturing technology, from the aesthetic and artistic point of view, according to the angle of human security design. The furnace adopts high-purity alumina and light fiber material, and the control interface adopts large size touch screen, and the fool type operation is adopted. The control mathematical model adopts advanced PID self-learning fuzzy control, which keeps the temperature control accuracy at + 3. After a long and repeated test of various samples, it can be applied to the roasting of all types of zirconia, and the quality of baking can be guaranteed. Because of the batch standardization of its production process, it can guarantee the consistency of the quality of the sample products you burned. It must be a good helper for you to test and produce.

Product Introduction

We consider the weaknesses of zirconia material for dental , the sintering temperature of the furnace and the distribution of zirconia and sintering furnace heating components with the situation. The elements in the sintering furnace have been completely arranged.

We adopted a very efficient heating mode, high quality insulation materials, and a series of changes in the circuit control. The sintering furnace can not only exceed the temperature rise limit of the common sintering furnace, but also can cool down at a very fast speed so as to ensure rapid sintering.

We optimized the new arrangement of electrical components in the furnace, allows us to greatly improve the sintering furnace heating rate under the condition of reduced size, so that the quality of sintering furnace, sintering furnace is more portable.

Finally, after years of testing, we finally identified an expensive but poorly contaminated silicon molybdenum rod as our core heating element. The purpose is to reduce the pollution of zirconia as much as possible during sintering.


Product parameter

Furnace model Elevation type
display mode Touch screen
Limit temperature 1700℃
working temperature ≤1650℃
heating rate 10℃/Min       Max:30℃/Min
Heating zone Single temperature zone
Temperature zone diameter Ø100mm*120mm
control accuracy ±3℃
Hearth shape cylindrical shape
Sealing method disc
capacity ≤40 pices
temperature curve 30pices  Arbitrarily optional
Retention curve 20 sintering curves can be stored
Temperature measuring element B thermocouple
Heating element Silicon molybdenum bar
Equipment power 2KW

Notice of use

1. high temperature firing process, it is not recommended to open the furnace. Because this is not only dangerous, but also because of the sudden change in temperature, damage to the work and product experience.
2. fired, unless the furnace temperature has been confirmed (300 degrees Celsius), otherwise not allowed to shut down the power supply. Because once the cooling fan stops working, the body of the product may have temperature swells, may cause damage to the body of the product.
3., the furnace for the first time or after a long time no need to bake at 120 degrees Celsius for 1 hours, baking at around 300 degrees Celsius, 2 hours after use. The furnace temperature shall not exceed the rated temperature so as not to damage the heating element and furnace lining. It is forbidden to pour all kinds of liquid and dissolved metal into the furnace, so as to keep the furnace clean.
4., the use of a period of time after the furnace will produce a small crack phenomenon, is a thermal expansion caused by contraction, is a normal phenomenon;
5. silicon molybdenum rod as heating element, should not run at 400-700 degrees Celsius temperature for a long time, otherwise, silicon molybdenum rod will be low temperature oxidation.
6. cold furnace is used, the furnace is cold, must be a lot of heat, so the low-temperature heating rate is not too fast, the difference of the temperature of the heating rate can not be too large, set the heating rate should be considered when the physical and chemical properties of the sintered materials, so as to avoid the phenomenon of spraying, the pollution.
7. regularly check the temperature control system of the electrical connection part of the contact is good, special attention should be paid to the heating element of the connection point is connected fastening (heating element connection check used in the first 1 months after about 12 months after each interval a check);
8. in the work process, generally at 200 DEG ~300 DEG C if the control deviation also cannot be eliminated, the temperature display value and the given value does not match the current program or overswing, please check the parameter “I, P, proportion integral differential coefficient D is set correctly;
9. the furnace is suitable for the following working conditions:
1) the environmental temperature is between -10 and 75 degrees centigrade.
2) the relative humidity of the surrounding environment is not more than 85%.
3) there is no conductive dust, explosive gases and corrosive gases that seriously destroy metals and insulation materials around the furnace.
4) there is no obvious inclination, vibration or jolt.