More dentists and labs like crown or bridges made from full zirconia, because it can meet the demands of both strength and translucency.
Multilayer 3D zirconia block is a perfect match for the furnace
Translucency: 43%-57%
Strength: 600mpa-900mpa
Color: 6 layers of natural transition
It is a perfect material for dental restoration. That’s why dentists and technicians are crazy about it.
But, you know, it takes couple of hours to have zirconia blocks sintered. Sometimes patients are too busy to wait for long time’s treatment. So here is Aidite quick restoration by cameo chairside system. It only takes 2-3 hours to finish the treatment. By the way, i, as a patient, took 4 months to take a crown. The treatment is long and tough.

Quick Restoration by Cameo Chairside System
Aidite fast furnace is a key in the whole process. Once it is launched, it won visitors’ love and recognition. Many visitors consulted more about it in sino-dental 2017.


Why people want it?

Future dentistry is, for sure, digital and fast/time-saving. Dentists do whatever to save patients’ time and shorten their treatment. Many clinic need cameo fast restoration system for those who don’t have enough time for dental treatment. That’s why this fast furnace is launched.
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