Aidite(Qinhuangdao)Technology Co., Ltd.

Aidite (Qinhuangdao) Technology Co., Ltd. is a beautyful coastal city Qinhuangdao in china. Aidite is a professional dental zirconia supplier, combining research, development and manufacturing.

Aidite has done zirconia research since 2007. We manufactured and launched dental zirconia material in 2008.The products are well sold worldwide and the quality is well-recognized in the dental labratories. There are over 200 excellent employees and 10 functional departments, including: R&D department, Financial department, Marketing department, Product department, Administration department, Human-resource department, Quality System department, Planning department, Domestic sales department, international sales department.

Production park occupies 14000㎡, and the modern office building covers an area of about 2000㎡. There are two production workshops, one of which has already been completed. Besides, we have one 2000㎡ warehouse for the sufficient storage. In 2016, Aidite has 400 ㎡ intelligent digital center and advanced training centre.

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