Aidite Light cured furnace

Light cured furnaceis mainly used for nano light cured resin, dental industry polymerization of light cured resin tray, light curing wax, light curing clearance liquid, through the polymerization can make material instant curing, curing and to its material requirements.
The principle is that the monomer or polymer in the coating takes place after a certain period of time.

Product Introduction

1, the device is used in the United States imported LED light technology (other manufacturers generally use halogen lamps.) LED is a cold light source, effectively avoiding the light due to too long lead to the problem of bulb burned. In addition to the absorption of light-cured materials are consistent, stable and balanced.
2, the light time up to 50,000 hours or more.
3, the content space is large, can accommodate multiple work models at one time.
4, metal shell, touch buttons, LED display more fashionable


Full intelligence, digital, a key to complete the work.
Widescreen, touch button, the operation more convenient.
Six-core lamp beads, working life of up to 50,000 hours or more.
All metal shell surface anti-static treatment.
Magnetic switch door, work more convenient.
One-time can accommodate multiple work models, improve work efficiency.
Very high stability and anti-jamming capability.

Product parameter

voltage AC190V-220V
wavelength 430-490nm
frequency 50-60Hz
strength ≥220mW/cm²
power 70W

Notice of use

1) Please ensure that the voltage is 220V, 50-60HZ stable voltage.
2) Please ensure that the equipment has an independent and stable workbench, and with the surrounding objects more than 25CM.
3) To avoid electric shock, non-professionals can not open the case.
4) Do not expose the blue light in other ways, look directly hurt the eyes.
5) Please be careful, please.
6) After the operation is completed, please wipe the equipment in time.
7) Turn off the power when not in use.
8) If you have any other questions, please contact Irdeto Technical Support.