3shape oral scanner

Aidite is a partner of 3shape , which acts as an agent for 3shape oral scanners.

3Shape aims to create 3D scanning and CAD / CAM software solutions. The award-winning technology allows dental professionals to be more effective at serving more patients. As a private enterprise, 3Shape has more than 800 employees, including more than 275 professional R & D personnel.
3Shape was founded by two graduate students when they were more than 20 years old, fifteen years ago. Its story of rapid growth has been reported by industry magazines and called 3Shape “Google in the CAD / CAM industry.””. At the same time, the famous oral rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, called 3Shape the “dental” apple”.
Over the past ten years, 3Shape has won numerous international awards. 3Shape has offices and service centers in the Americas, Asia and Europe, serving customers in more than 100 countries. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, denmark.

Product Introduction

With the development of science and technology, the mode of oral cavity extraction is also improving,3shape breaks traditional impression methods, introduces heavy mouth scanning equipment, and TRIOS software.Let you feel the real technological age – Digital impressions.

Now more and more dentists are using digital impression systems.The new technology not only can easily take the mold, improve patient satisfaction, but also can improve the traditional mold technology brought about by the distress.It allows for accurate restorationsmprove the quality of the impression of uneven phenomenon, no longer need to repeatedly take the mold, can improve the clinical and aesthetic effect, in place of the restoration of the body does not need to be adjusted many times.

TRIOS digital impression solutions provide accurate impressions from the beginning, solve many subsequent problems, and thereby improve patient experience.

3Shape intraoral scanning equipment has the advantages of excellent mobility, less space, multiple Laptops / computers, color digital 3D model, high-definition photos and color measurement.Color scanners avoid the use of oral scanning powder spraying technology to achieve the best accuracy and comfort, high precision scanning, capture more details, automatically remove the soft tissue, so that scanning more smoothly.

3shape intraoral scanner categories: black and white portable and color portable


TRIOS has been enhanced by new technology that allows dentists to provide patients with easier and faster diagnosis and treatment.TRIOS now includes digital die taking, tooth color measurements and high-definition cameras – all features are included in a handheld device.

 The clinic can choose either the TRIOS color edition or the TRIOS standard solution, and each solution comes with a variety of configurations to meet the needs of the clinic.

The RealColor scan – improvement experience

Using the TRIOS color version of the scan in natural color, you can use the black and white scan completely impossible to obtain a realistic scanning experience. The new enhanced color allows you to easily identify the actual edges of the preparation, and better assess the clinical situation.

Color measurement is scanning

The TRIOS color edition automatically measures the color of your teeth while you scan. Dentists may choose to evaluate and highlight the relevant areas for the mechanic. The complete color information is then sent to the technician’s office with the impression.

To shoot HD photos to get instant case image

High resolution photographs are taken during the scan to record the case and communicate with the patient. HD photos are automatically packaged and sent along with digital impressions.

The soft tissue removal by automatically obtain smooth scanning experience

TRIOS can automatically detect objects that are not needed, such as the tongue, cheek, and lip, and remove such objects in real-time from digitized impressions.

To enhance the detail capture

The TRIOS software has been optimized to provide more scanning details (especially around the edges) so that the dentist can easily and accurately place the edges.
The scan has never been so easy
The scanner captures the impressions in real time when the scanner moves easily along the teeth. Both dentists and dental assistants can easily scan.

No need to spray, can obtain the best accuracy and comfort

The application of powder spraying is very demanding to the technology, which may reduce the scanning accuracy, bring discomfort to the patient and prolong the operation time beside the chair.

The superior mobility

A lightweight and convenient Pod solution is easy to share between different therapeutic room or different locations.

To take up less space

The compact, TRIOS Pod can be placed anywhere in the therapeutic room, or even in a room with very limited space.

To connect to the computer or notebook computer

Use Pod with a laptop or computer in a therapy room. Just connect to the USB port and start scanning.
* Please use the recommended computer

The optimal solution for any laboratory setting open and flexible

Whether your partner is a dental technician or Practice Lab, TRIOS will be able to smoothly integrate into the service arrangements you currently use or any type of mechanic you would like to explore in the future.

A complete digital workflow

3Shape is a leading provider of dental CAD design software, using TRIOS. to realize digital impression completely digital workflow support, wide application scope, using open design output and optimized integration with various processing machines.

To achieve the most widely applicable scope

TRIOS supports the most extensive dental range to allow all opportunities to be selected, new business models, opportunities to broaden, and rapid return on investment. The specially developed scanning workflow delivers digital impressions that best meet the requirements of the dedicated CAD workflow and ideal clinical outcomes.

Scope of application

Crowns and bridges Crowns and  bridges were prepared under the gums
Inlays, veneers A durable and aesthetic restoration is achieved through a digital workflow
Provisional crown and diagnostic wax form Temporary parts are scanned and the crown of the crown shape is obtained from the mechanic。
Post core Unique double scanning workflow using scanning piles
Base Capture the outline accurately through unique double scanning workflows
Implant and Bridge Scan multiple farms in a single smooth workflow牙
mplant surgical planning and surgical guide plate TRIOS digital impressions are used to implant, plan, and design surgical guides
Removable partial denture Total arch scan including capture of the palatal fornix

Product parameter

Model Black and white portable  Color Portable
Scanning head 4cm 4cm
Scanner length 15cm 15cm
Size of scanning lens (length * width) (2.15×1.85)cm (2.15×1.85)cm
Handle weight 750g 750g
Output format (STL、DCM/HPS、WRL、ASC、PTS)
Scanning accuracy 20μm
scanning speed Ultrafast optical excision technology captures more than 3000 2D images per second
Working principle Confocal microscopy
light source laser
Imaging type Multiple images
Image capture Continuous black and white imaging Continuous color imaging
clean Sterilization after cleaning
Docking with design The 1. output scan is in closed format and is not compatible with other design software

2. output design for the annual fee paid only half closed format

Camera lens With antifogging heater, the best hygienic standard can be reached, and it meets the clinical requirement
Neck edge line Automatic detection of unnecessary objects (lips, cheeks, tongue, etc.)

Provides more scanning detail around the edges of the line

Dusting, spraying Unwanted
Scope of application Single crowns, inlays, inlays, veneers, implants (Dan Jitai), up to 5 units, dental bridge, orthodontics (only after purchase of additional modules)

Notice of use

Routine maintenance
1. the scanner needs to be covered with protective headgear when not in use to prevent the scanner from damaging and isolating dust.
2., from the use of scanners, to scan the completion of this period of time, you must bring surgical gloves, to ensure a clean working environment and protect the safety of patients.
3. in the process of scanning, the quality of the scanner can be adjusted or the scanning head can be cleaned when the scanning quality is decreased
4. after the use of scanning head, need to be disinfected before re use.
5. after the scanner is stopped, it should be placed in the fixed seat, and away from the edge of the table to prevent falling.
6. the scanner has not been used for a long time (over 8 days), or the collision caused the scanning data to be unclear. Please calibrate it. Color calibration can be calibrated after normal calibration has been completed.
7. equipment power: scanner in the case of non use, need right off the software, turn off the computer, cut off the power supply Kecai party.
Matters needing attention
1. scanners should not be used in explosive environments such as flammable anesthetics or in environments with high oxygen content in the air.
2. no colored beverage or other liquid can be placed around the scanner to prevent the liquid from sputtering onto the equipment.
3. if the scanner has experienced tremendous changes in temperature or humidity, you can use the scanner at least 2 hours after the scanner reaches room temperature. If the signs of condensation are obvious, you will have to wait for 8 hours.
Operating environment:
Environmental temperature range: 15 degrees -30 degrees (need to maintain a constant temperature)
Relative humidity: 10%-85% (without condensation)
4. from the contact scanner to the scan to complete this time, you must bring surgical gloves, to ensure a clean working environment and protect the safety of patients.
5. when the scanner is used, do not stare at the light source for long time, or focus the light on other people’s eyes. The glare has blinding effect.
6. prohibit the use of TRIOS scanners in patients with pacemakers, there is interference risk.
The 7. scan head must be sterilized before it is available to the patient.
The 8. scan head falls during replacement. Please replace the new scanner because it may cause the mirror to shift during the collision.
9. long term use, the scanner casing will turn yellow, do not wash directly with water, can be wiped with sterilized alcohol, remember that the liquid can not flow into the scanner interior and optical lens.
10. equipment power: scanner in the case of non use, need right off the software, turn off the computer, cut off the power supply Kecai party.